The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 30 | Rockin' Robinson Series Part II | Cat Ridgeway and Beartoe

Jason catches up with several artists while serving as emcee of the Rockin' Robinson festival in Orlando's Milk District. Cat Ridgeway stops by to talk about hearing music in colors, writing melodies, and the power of a good nap. Plus, Beartoe pops in ahead of his set to discuss the next Beartoe record, the greatness of Sam Cooke, and more. This is Part II of a special Rockin' Robinson series.

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The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 26 | 2018 in Review Part IV | Brian Killeen talks Low

Brian Killeen cruises into Marinade Studios to record the fourth of our 2018 in Review series. To end an outstanding year of music, we invited several artists whose work we respect to talk about some of 2018's highlights. Brian is an outstanding singer and songwriter based in Orlando, FL. We discuss "Double Negative" by Low, as well as get down about Brian's own creative process.

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The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 23 | 2018 in Review Part I | Kevin Maines talks The Wood Brothers

Kevin Maines of The Volts strolls over to The Marinade Studios with guitar in hand to record the first of our 2018 in Review series. To end an outstanding year of music, we invited several artists whose work we respect to talk about some of 2018's highlights. Kevin and I talk about the Grammy-nominated album "One Drop of Truth" from The Wood Brothers, then Kev plays a couple of tunes for us- a cover of "River Takes the Town" by The Wood Brothers and an unreleased tune of his own! Cheers, y'all.

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The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 18 | Hannah Harber

Hannah Harber stomps her boots into The Marinade! Hannah is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player whose music is written and played with profound conviction. Hannah is a bright light and we learned a ton from this episode. We talk about her upcoming album with her band Hannah Harber and the Lionhearts, how yoga keeps Hannah centered, and why the truth is the most important ingredient of a song.

The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 13 | Thorp Jenson

Thorp Jenson slushes into The Marinade. Thorp is a singer-songwriter based in Richmond, Virginia. His record "Odessa" is an outstanding rock n' roll album rooted in a heartland sound. We discuss Thorp's relationship with substances, how No Country for Old Men inspired his album, and so much more. 

Plus, we have a very special "What I'm Getting Down On" segment featuring new music from Kasey Anderson. Cheers, y'all.

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The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 12 | Matthew Logan Vasquez

Matthew Logan Vasquez is one of our all-time favorite songwriters. Best known for his work with Delta Spirit, Matt is a good dude and he opened up in a huge way. Few songwriters are willing to take the chances Matt takes. His music ranges from Americana to rock to folk and soul.

Matt's most recent release is an EP called "Texas Murder Ballads." Go get a copy after you listen to this episode. 

We talk about micro-dosing mushrooms, buddy records, love, and the inspiration of ghosts. Cheers, y'all.

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The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 11 | Jon Stickley

Jon Stickley butterflies into The Marinade! Jon Stickley is a guitar player and songwriter in a band bearing his name, Jon Stickley Trio. We talk about the beauty of Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, the best flatpicking guitar players, and how Jon tells stories without words. 

Check out the playlist that accompanies this episode on Spotify. There you can hear some of Jon's tunes, as well as a sampling of the music Jon and I discuss during the episode. 

This episode contains Jon Stickley Trio's songs "Rice Dream," "Octopickin," "Point to Point," and "Darth Radar."  

The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 10 | Col. Bruce Hampton Bonus Throwback Episode

Col. Bruce Hampton was a legendary musician, actor, producer, and all around nice guy. He was in Sling Blade, the Run the Jewels video for “Blockbuster Night Part 1,” Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and that’s just the tip of his IMDb page.

Col. Bruce was also a musical pioneer and one hell of a nice guy. I had the honor of interviewing Bruce backstage at Suwannee Roots Revival 2016.

This was one of the first episodes we recorded for The Marinade. A lot has changed since then, from production to interview style, but we want you all to have a chance to hear this wonderful conversation. As was his way, he made me feel like an old friend. Rest in peace, Col. Bruce.

The music in this episode is from Deadman De Los Santos off of the forthcoming EP 'Deadman and Stranger.' The EP will be released on April 6th.