The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 38 | Matt Burke Returns


Matt Burke of Have Gun, Will Travel dons his creative galoshes for a stormy Marinade. Have Gun, Will Travel's latest record is a gorgeous collection of songs called Strange Chemistry. Matt talked about the making of the album on Episode 14 and has returned to celebrate the finished product. We talk about writers as musicians, musicians as writers, the beauty of a clean page, and so much more. 

You can find all things Have Gun, Will Travel and pick up a copy of the new record at

The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 17 | Vanessa Jean Speckman

Vanessa Jean Speckman makes her debut in The Marinade! Vanessa is a visual artist, poet, and all-around fascinating creative. Vanessa takes her wonderful art on the road for dozens of dates a year and she really opened up about her creative process during this conversation. This talk made me better and I hope it does the same for you. 

Check out Vanessa's art in her Etsy store:

Also, our dear friend Micah Schnabel (Ep. 3) makes an appearance accompanying Vanessa on guitar while she reads some of her gorgeous poetry!