The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 39 | Cat Clyde

Cat Clyde wanders into The Marinade! Cat is a musician from Ontario, Canada, who is now based in Quebec. Her album Hunters Trance is one of our favorites of the year and we are so grateful for the opportunity to catch up with her. Cat sat down with us at Great Lakes Brewing in Toronto, where we were visiting on vacation. The stars aligned for this episode. 

You can find all things Cat Clyde at

The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 38 | Matt Burke Returns


Matt Burke of Have Gun, Will Travel dons his creative galoshes for a stormy Marinade. Have Gun, Will Travel's latest record is a gorgeous collection of songs called Strange Chemistry. Matt talked about the making of the album on Episode 14 and has returned to celebrate the finished product. We talk about writers as musicians, musicians as writers, the beauty of a clean page, and so much more. 

You can find all things Have Gun, Will Travel and pick up a copy of the new record at

The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 36 | Shema Shine

Shema Shine shakes her way into The Marinade! Shema is a guitarist, songwriter, and singer based in Central Florida. Her soulful playing and singing have been honed from countless hours of dedication to her craft. You can find all things Shema Shine and her band the Shakers on Facebook and Instagram, and get down on some of their music on Soundcloud

"Sweet Darlin'" by Shine and the Shakers is presented in this episode with express permission from the artist. 

The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 35 | C.H. Hooks

COVER_Alligator Zoo-Park Magic_Hooks.jpg

C.H. Hooks sinks into the blackwater of The Marinade! Hooks wrote my favorite book of 2019 thus far. The novel is called Alligator Zoo Park Magic. Hooks spins a mystical, hilarious, and heartbreaking story set in small-town, rural Florida. Check out this conversation then pick up a copy of the book.

The music in this episode is from Kyle Keller. You can find his tunes at

C.H. Hooks's Alligator Zoo Park Magic is available wherever you buy books and at

The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 34 | Jon Snodgrass Returns

Jon Snodgrass crash lands in The Marinade. Jon is a singer and songwriter who has an impressive solo catalog to his credit, as well as extensive work with the bands Drag the River, Scorpios, and Armchair Martian. In addition to being a wonderful songwriter, Jon is a sweetheart and a hilarious guy. We talk about everything from Husker Du to baseball and all points in between on this one.

The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 33 | Abby Owens

Abby Owens splashes down in The Marinade! Abby is a singer and songwriter who melds soul, rock, blues, and country into something uniquely her own. We caught up just after her set at Suwannee Spring Reunion on the grounds of Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park back in March of this year. 

Abby was gracious and thoughtful and I am so honored to release this conversation to the world. Follow Abby on social media and find her records wherever you consume music. 

Also, check out the Spotify playlist that accompanies this episode.

The Marinade with Jason Earle Episode 32 | Graham Sharp

Graham Sharp dances into The Marinade. Graham is one of the principal songwriters in the Grammy award-winning band Steep Canyon Rangers. We caught up during Suwannee Spring Reunion at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park and immediately went deep on the songwriting process.

The song used in this episode is "Let Me Out of This Town" from the band's album Out in the Open.