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Sing Out Loud Festival 2018

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Travis Meadows|Episode 15

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The marinade with Jason Earle | Website Exclusive Episode with Kasey Anderson

Album Review| Hawks and Doves From a White HOtel

Kasey Anderson sets the tone for his record From a White Hotel within the first minute. Just over forty seconds in he sings, “They gonna stack up the dead till they black out the sun/These white boys with money make the whole world run”

The establishment is clearly in Anderson’s cross hairs on From a White Hotel, the first release from his band Hawks and Doves. Not strictly a protest record, but one that will not overlook the current administration’s bigotry and absence of empathy. From a White Hotel’s agenda feels rooted in hope and opportunity, a commitment to examining the ugly bits along with the good, in finding humanity from characters who American society puts in boxes convenient for cognitive dissonance - freak, degenerate, lazy - and throws into a forgotten pile with others deemed unfavorable.

This is a record that lays the characters, the listener, and the album’s narrator bare. It is a record of unification- bringing together what it means to be “American,” to be human. From a White Hotel is a white-hot rock n’ roll record. It is a return to form for Anderson, the writer and performer who just embarked on his first tour in several years. From a White Hotel is also the best thing Anderson has done in his critically acclaimed career.

The album has no holes. It sequence takes the listener on a hopeful journey through heartache, confusion, loss, lust, love, and resilient fight. Anderson’s tunes are tough for this author to leave as background music. Every stanza is dripping with imagery to which those of us who write regularly aspire.

We could pluck examples from nearly any spot on the record to illustrate this point. The title track provides one such example. The song begins with spare percussion and the strum of a guitar chord. The arrangement of the tune lays Anderson’s gravelly voice and powerful imagery bare. He paints a scene of national disaster in the first verse. The second brings us closer to home, letting us into the narrator’s intimate fantasies.

“Way back in my travelin’ days I kissed a girl in San Antone/She was every faded fantasy I called upon when I was alone/But I’ll leave that here in this old house with everything I own and set it on fire”

Moving on, not just away from the past but toward something better, more meaningful. “From a White Hotel” is perhaps the most personal song on the album and one to which there is so much for the listener to attach. This album is not only our favorite Kasey Anderson effort, it is one of our favorite albums of the year thus far. If enough great records come along to knock it from its perch in the next six months, well that will be a very nice problem to have.


An introduction to Kasey Anderson on Spotify:

Matt Burke|Episode 14

Matt Burke skis into The Marinade! Matt is the frontman and principal songwriter for the band Have Gun, Will Travel. We have been a fan of Have Gun, Will travel for years so this is a special honor. Matt and I discuss our mutual love for Micah Schnabel, how anxiety has threatened to derail us, the creative process behind Have Gun Will Travel's excellent record Science From an Easy Chair, and so much more. 

Check out for tour dates and merch and look for a new Have Gun, Will Travel record coming very soon. 

Also, get down on our Spotify playlist that accompanies this episode, featuring songs by Have Gun, Will Travel, Two Cow Garage, and Micah Schnabel. 

Thorp Jenson
Episode 13


Thorp Jenson slushes into The Marinade. Thorp is a singer-songwriter based in Richmond, Virginia. His record "Odessa" is an outstanding rock n' roll album rooted in a heartland sound. We discuss Thorp's relationship with substances, how No Country for Old Men inspired his album, and so much more. 

Plus, we have a very special "What I'm Getting Down On" segment featuring new music from Kasey Anderson. Cheers, y'all.

Check out the Spotify playlist to accompany this episode.


Matthew Logan Vasquez|Episode 12

Matthew Logan Vasquez is one of our all-time favorite songwriters. Best known for his work with Delta Spirit, Matt is a good dude and he opened up in a huge way. Few songwriters are willing to take the chances Matt takes. His music ranges from Americana to rock to folk and soul.

Matt's most recent release is an EP called "Texas Murder Ballads." Go get a copy after you listen to this episode. 

We talk about micro-dosing mushrooms, buddy records, love, and the inspiration of ghosts. Cheers, y'all.

Check out our Spotify companion playlist for Episode 12:

Jon Stickley|Episode 11

Jon Stickley butterflies into The Marinade! Jon Stickley is a guitar player and songwriter in a band bearing his name, Jon Stickley Trio. We talk about the beauty of Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, the best flatpicking guitar players, and how Jon tells stories without words. 

Check out the playlist that accompanies this episode on Spotify. There you can hear some of Jon's tunes, as well as a sampling of the music Jon and I discuss during the episode. 

This episode contains Jon Stickley Trio's songs "Rice Dream," "Octopickin," "Point to Point," and "Darth Radar."  


Col. Bruce Hampton|Bonus Episode 

Col. Bruce Hampton was a legendary musician, actor, producer, and all around nice guy. He was in Sling Blade, the Run the Jewels video for “Blockbuster Night Part 1,” Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and that’s just the tip of his IMDb page.

Col. Bruce was also a musical pioneer and one hell of a nice guy. I had the honor of interviewing Bruce backstage at Suwannee Roots Revival 2016.

This was one of the first episodes we recorded for The Marinade. A lot has changed since then, from production to interview style, but we want you all to have a chance to hear this wonderful conversation. As was his way, he made me feel like an old friend. Rest in peace, Col. Bruce.

The music in this episode is from Deadman De Los Santos off of the forthcoming EP 'Deadman and Stranger.' The EP will be released on April 6th. 


Trae Crowder|Episode 9

  • Trae Crowder cannonballs into The Marinade. Trae is probably best known for his viral videos railing against racism, Trump, Nazis, sexism and all manner of conservative bull shit. He is a Southern man with liberal sensibilities and one of the funniest comedians in the world right now.
  • Morgan Freeman and Whoopi Goldberg are fans. So are we. We had the honor of talking about the creative process with Trae ahead of his show at The Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, FL. He was thoughtful, engaging, and hilarious. Get down on it.

WellRed Comedy:

This episode contains music by Jacksonville-based songwriter Jackie Stranger. You can check him out on his Facebook page. He wrote and recorded the songs featured here during Hurricane Irma. He's also a hell of a nice guy.

James McMurtry|Episode 8

  • Legendary songwriter James McMurtry takes a dip in The Marinade. McMurtry is the genius behind such tunes as "Levelland" and "We Can't Make it Here Anymore." His 2015 release Complicated Game is one of our favorites in recent memory and includes a song we can't seem to get out of our heads, "You Got to Me."